How To Kool-Aid Dyed Yarn

Kool-Aid Dyed Yarn

I need to confess to a sense of postmodern nostalgia for what-never-was tinged with type of tweenage pop-icon fandom once I scoured the city's supermarkets searching for the evasive lemon-lime. We felt sheepish as a paid for my 16 gaily colored packets. And I thought giddy when I included water and the brilliant colors and fruity smells released forth.

But I wasn't making Kool-Aid for myself if not the children to take in. It was for my yarn. The thing is that, Kool-Aid is a simple, fabulous and fun way to make your own hand-dyed yarn.

Since powdered beverage mixes are plentiful and reasonably non-toxic, it creates a fantastic entrée to the world of dietary fiber dyeing is likely to cooking area. No specific equipment is required. I shall, however, offer some terms of care. Very first, stay away from inhaling the powder; that wouldn't be good available. Second - perhaps obvious as you are dyeing things - it stains! Avoid setting it up on clothing and wear rubberized gloves if you don't wish the hands to evidence work for 2 days. Just a little bleach or baking soda should manage your projects area, though spreading out a garbage case before you begin just isn't an awful idea.

What fibers to use:
Kool-Aid dyeing works just on pet fibers: wool, mohair, alpaca - even human hair! It does not work with cotton or synthetics, however, so use pure wool yarn for best results. Blended yarns containing increased portion of wool do work, but the non-animal area of the yarn won't make the dye and also you won't get very concentrated colors. You should use this in your favor: a cotton-wrapped wool boucle can come out colored with a white wrap. You need maybe not just use uncolored yarns, either. Start with a normal tweed or over-dye a pastel. You can color rovings to great result using this strategy. Simply card and spin various colors collectively once they're dried out. Might feel like an artist right away!

What youwill need:

Wool yarn tied loosely in skeins so dye can penetrate
1 bundle of unsweetened drink mix per ounce of yarn
[for saturated colors]
Large cooking pot or microwave-safe dish

Optional equipment for variegated or hand-painted yarns:
steamer basket for pot
plastic cups
huge syringe or turkey baster

What to do:
To get your yarn ready, wash it lightly in mild detergent then let it soak within the sink as you continue your products. You don't have to include vinegar while you would along with other dyeing techniques because Kool-Aid is quite acidic!

If you like your yarn dyed an individual color, either right from package or making use of your own unique blend of tastes, vacant your plans of of drink blend [important: make use of no sugar!] into the cooking pot or microwave-safe dish with some water. Blend to reduce. Add your yarn and adequate liquid to cover it. The total amount of water does not matter; the ratio of dye to yarn does. Utilize less Kool-Aid for less heavy colors, more for darker colors.

There are two fundamental types of setting the dye: stovetop or microwave. For stovetop, heat the yarn-filled cooking pot to nearly boiling. Switch it off and allow it to remain, covered, for at least half an hour, stirring once or twice. If you want the microwave, zap your yarn-filled meal for just two mins. Let the yarn sleep for a few minutes, after that zap it once again for another two mins. With either method, you will know your yarn is ready if the liquid is mostly clear. [This means the yarn should have soaked up all dye.] If it's perhaps not, you might like to warm it once again. Allow it sweet.

As soon as the yarn features cooled, rinse it completely in water the same heat while the yarn [shocking wool with cold-water may cause it to felt]. Wash the yarn in moderate detergent, rinse again and hang to dry.

Hand painting your yarn can be easy as finger-painting at least as much fun! Ready your skeins while you performed when it comes to fundamental technique above. After that set all of them away flat on a plastic case.

Pick the colors you need to use yarn and combine every one in a synthetic cup with a few tablespoons of water per package. You continue to want to use around one package of Kool-Aid per ounce of yarn. You can make use of merely two colors or as many as twelve, but you will want to be cautious about contrasting colors operating into each other unless dirty brown is part of one's visual sight.

Suck up some of your beverage combine with a turkey baster or syringe and squirt it carefully on the yarn. If a variegated yarn is exactly what you are after, imagine your skein becoming a pie thereby applying the dye in wedges, or extend it out lengthwise and apply the dye in stripes. Rinse the baster/syringe between colors to avoid undesirable mixing. If an even more subtle, mottled shade result is exactly what you desire, afin de or squirt the many colors due to the fact character moves you.

Based how large your skeins are, you might need to make them over very carefully and color them on straight back side, also. After that, with plastic gloves or baggies on your fingers, carefully press from the yarn to maneuver the dye through all the levels. Keep an eye out for white places, specifically where skein is tied up.

Now carefully get your skein and place it inside microwave oven meal or steamer basket. Microwave as above or vapor for 30-45 mins over hot-water (you are able to turn the burner-off and merely allow it stay, covered, after it's great and steamy). Cool and wash your yarn.

Rest assured, your completed items is going to be washable. Proceed with the guidelines for the yarn you have made use of. If you have cleaned the yarn carefully after dyeing it, you don't have to concern yourself with the colors bleeding in wash. Simply provide them with the care you would any hand-knit product. Some fading may occur with time, especially if they're subjected to lots of sunlight. Though the fruity scent will diminish, the brilliant colors can last for decades!

Tale and pictures ©2002 Kristi Porter

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