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I mirror Matt's sentiments because i will not be talking about any particular symbols or traditions that are administered inside temple; these are generally quite sacred in my opinion, and excessive public discussion on their nature cheapens all of them for me. I do not imply to upset you if this is a genuine inquiry, it's just the way I feel from the matter.

However, I am able to speak notably from the origin associated with signs by themselves, or in other words the unimportance of the same.

I transcribed an excerpt from a fantastic meeting of LDS scholar Terryl Givens by the podcast Mormon Stories. (component four, starting at around 59:30)

TG: All great faith is plagiarism, especially in the Mormon conception of things given that it's difficult to create such a thing new, right? It absolutely was all recognized to Adam. There's this gospel that people're all trying to achieve as well as grope toward and reconstitute with its totality and fullness. So if that's the paradigm you begin with after that there is no such thing as novelty and development in religious idea, we are simply wanting to recuperate.

There are various other people, like i do believe Michael Smith is the one, who're doing actually interesting work with the influence of Masonry at the beginning of Mormonism. We certainly don't know the entire story, but, you realize I'm reminded of a priest that I always make use of whom came back from a mass he had just celebrated where he utilized beer when it comes to wine and potato chips for the wafer. And I keep in mind at that time I thought, that was slightly outrageous and blasphemous... and, you realize, somewhat maybe it absolutely was, but the point he was trying to make to his congregation was, whatever signs we use. It doesn't matter. And now we could rewrite the temple ritual tomorrow and use Boy Scout signs and handshakes also it won't make a difference. It really is so immaterial which are the real, correct, actual aspects of the ritual that individuals proceed through into the temple.

Joseph discovered Masonic ritual adaptable with techniques that matched his functions. He appeared to believe that the Masonic ritual ended up being an actual if corrupted inheritance from a historical endowment. Today, top scholarship today thinks that Masonry is an extremely belated creation regarding whole cloth in the seventeenth century, right? I don't know in which Masonry originates from, I don't know just what its relationship is an authentic Adamic endowment, and I cannot care. Because I don't go directly to the temple because I believe that real ritual I am involved with has actually any built-in price. What has price tend to be the covenants that people make, the guarantees that people get while the relationships being eternalized. Therefore I simply state, well bravo to Joseph Smith for finding a method that has been fast and easily adaptable to his functions.

MS: therefore, the Masonic material, you know the ritual, is sort of such as the delivery automobile for doctrine additionally the covenants, is the fact that what you are saying?

TG: Precisely.

(Emphasis my own)

That is certainly not respected, as Terryl Givens is certainly not in an over-all management role when you look at the LDS Church. But their viewpoint on matter seems true to me. To conclude, the proper execution that the symbols take aren't always essential in their own personal right. These are generally a delivery procedure the sacred areas of the Gospel we partake in into the temple.

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