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Dyeing textile and artwork upholstery with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

Probably the most interesting and interesting methods to use Chalk Paint® attractive paint today is on material. One method is to use it as a dye by washing material in greatly diluted paint plus the result is wonderful — Annie Sloan has actually rewashed one dyed linen sheet many times today additionally the color has remained equivalent. Others technique is to
paint upholstered seats, plus couches, with Chalk Paint®, which creates a sensational result.

Dyeing fabric
In the event that you can’t find the right tone of fabric, you might dye it with Chalk Paint®. Colors that really work specially
really are Aubusson Blue, Emperor’s Silk, Emile, French Linen, Florence, duck-egg Blue, and Scandinavian Pink. Some colors are more powerful than other individuals, including Emperor’s Silk, that may decide to try the textile easily. The intensity associated with the final shade is dependent on the ratio of paint to water, the shade of paint, the type of textile, while the level of it becoming dyed. Any product which covered or containing polyester wont use the shade so well. As a broad proportion, combine 1 part Chalk Paint® into 20 parts water, you could adjust this ratio dependent on just how light or dark you wish the dye become. The total amount of time the textile is kept soaking in dye can range from about 5 minutes to thirty minutes; the longer the full time the more extreme the color. Painting upholstery Any material, including leather, could be coated with Chalk Paint®, although the natural fiber there clearly was into the textile the greater since it absorbs paint very well. Fabric with a texture or an elevated design are designed to look quite interesting without a doubt when painted.
Coated textile, although it has a pile, is perfectly comfortable and does not make you covered in paint, as you might think!

Begin by diluting the paint with liquid such that it is fluid adequate to be absorbed because of the fibers. Incorporating the proper amount of liquid into paint is essential — the paint needs to soak in to the top of the upholstered piece, without throughout — as you are wanting to stay away from dense paint that blockages up the stack and seems tough and crusty on drying. To be sure of the persistence associated with paint is a question of experimenting. Testing a small plot regarding straight back of the upholstered piece and/or underside of a cushion initially before painting the entire thing. If you think the paint might be too dense, add some even more liquid and use a scrubbing movement with the paintbrush to spread the paint around. After applying the paint, let it dried out totally; this might simply take a day or two with regards to the textile. Once its dried out, and depending upon the weave, you might want to apply Clear Annie Sloan smooth Wax. Make use of a brush or fabric to utilize a thin but even coat of wax, dispersing and pushing it to the textile. Mixing the wax with handful of mineral spirits will make this easier. Make use of a dry clean cloth to remove the extra wax.

To learn more about dyeing and artwork textiles with Chalk Paint®, please refer to Annie Sloan’s

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