How to Dye Acrylic Material

Dyeing acrylic fabric

Sunbrella acrylic fabric: number 1 solution-dyed acrylic textile in the usa


There are countless methods to consist of Sunbrella canvas within outside programs: Awnings, canopies, cabanas, privacy screens, ornamental panels, and room dividers are only several of its many utilizes.


With over 100 beautifully woven fabric solid and striped fabrics to choose from, Sunbrella enables you to attain whatever look you desire, whether modern or conventional, dressy or everyday.

As a result of option dyeing, Sunbrella's coloured canvases resist fading and don't wash-out. That is since the colors tend to be included with the fluid acrylic blend, getting an intricate an element of the dietary fiber and finally the canvas. The brilliant hues are identical on both sides regarding the textile, and stand up to sunlight, rain, wind, and pollutants that will make various other colors fade or run. Plus, Sunbrella is extremely soil-resistant.

Climate Control

Utilized on awnings, Sunbrella can prevent 75 percent associated with the sunshine's temperature and reduce a room's temperature from 8 to 15 degrees.* Laboratory-controlled and outdoor exposure examinations have shown that the atmosphere underneath a Sunbrella awning is 22 per cent cooler compared to the atmosphere under covered awnings.** Sunbrella just isn't coated but has skin pores that allow atmosphere and dampness to flee. Due to the outstanding breathability, condensation is never an issue. With the use of Sunbrella, air-con savings can reach up to 25 %.***

*According to a report by the American Society of hvac Engineers.

**Based on examinations conducted because of the National Bureau of guidelines (U.S. Commerce division).

***According to researches at University of Illinois.


Taking care of your Sunbrella canvas is easy. Merely brush-off free dust and clean the canvas with moderate, soapy liquid and a soft brush. Rinse thoroughly and air-dry.


Sunbrella fabric holds an excellent 10-year restricted warranty.

Sunbrella Fabric Specs

  • General Classification: Solution-dyed acrylic.
  • Description: Woven textile, made of 100-percent acrylic fibers. These are solution-dyed materials with a fluorocarbon finish.
  • Typical body weight: Approximately 9.25 oz. per square yard.
  • Width: 46 ins. Selected solid colors can also be found in 60-inch widths.
  • Colors: really resistant to ultraviolet rays and color degradation. Most colors tested to 1500 hours in a Fade-Ometer with just minimal or no color change. Above 100 solids and stripes offered.
  • Underside: Same as top surface—both sides alike.
  • Surface: basic weave. Exceptional breathabilty.
  • Transparency degree: Translucent, based on color.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Good.
  • Dimensional Stability: Great. Some shrinking in hot weather, some stretch in cold or damp weather.
  • Mildew Resistance: Exceptional. Fabric wont support development of mildew. Mildew developing on foreign matter attached to fabric is easily eliminated.
  • Durability/Average Life Span: 5–10 years. (Depending on climate and good care of fabric.)
  • Fire Opposition (FR): Not flame-retardant.
  • Chemical Resistance: Fabric very resistant to acids, alkalies, and solvents.
  • Liquid Repellence: Excellent.
  • Oil Opposition: Good.
  • Sewability: Excellent.
  • Temperature Sealing: Can be heat-sealed making use of gear according to maker's requirements

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