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Dyeing linen fabric

Prewash the linen in warm water and material or meal detergent, eliminating any dirt and oil.

Reduce the non-iodized sodium in the 3 gallons lukewarm water in a washer or bathtub. A tub is advised for 1 pound. of textile. A washing machine is preferred for as much as 8 lbs. of fabric.

Add the calsolene oil. This step is optional. It can help the linen dye much more uniformly.

Reduce the fiber reactive dye by blending it because of the urea liquid. The total amount of fibre reactive dye you use depends upon along with. For the majority of colors you only need 1 tbsp. of dye. When dyeing your linen a darker color, you might need 2 to 4 tbsp. of dye. Browse the fiber reactive dye package to be certain of this amount of color required. Add this dye combination into the washing machine or bathtub of lukewarm water.

Include the linen toward dye water. If you should be utilizing a bathtub, stir every three or four moments for 20 moments. If you should be making use of a washing machine, set it towards the agitate setting for 20 moments. Be sure the textile is submerged inside dye water.

Reduce the soda ash in tepid water and enhance the dye water. If with the washing machine, turn the machine off. Move the linen to a single side of the washing machine or tub as you stir the soda ash blend in utilizing the dye liquid. The soft drink ash blend must certanly be totally combined in utilizing the dye liquid alone before stirring within the linen again. This stops the fabric from having tarnished places.

Stir the linen around again every three to four moments or set the washer again towards agitate setting. Stir light colors for half an hour and dark colors for an hour.

Remove the linen through the dye water and wash out any extra dye. If making use of a washing device, run the linen through wash pattern when.

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