Fiber reactive dyes are often

Fabric Reactive Dyes

We've been making use of this dye for many years and definitley worth the excess work (blending chemical compounds like a mad scientist!). We utilized syringes (minus the needle) which will make awesome colors - simply slurp up some this and some that many liquid and you may find some crazy colors yet not too much of it so that it saves dye. Thumbs-up.

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Lovely colors user-friendly should you choose pursuit. Stay bight and clear through numerous washings. Wonderful to help make quilting textiles with. Fun to mix and create new colors and be because creative as you wish to be. A bonus is the customer support!!!

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Ideal dye for tie-dye batik textile dye painting etc. Colorfast for a long time user friendly and inexpensive. We positively recommend it.

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There is absolutely no contrast between this dye and Ritfabric store dyes. It's more work but it shows.. The old addage "if somewhat is good much more needs to be better" DOES NOT use here. I must say with my first batch (olive green) I adopted the directions towards the page and it arrived way darker than I wanted. For my 2nd group I used half the total amount of dye and cut the soak times by above 50 %. Nonetheless deeper than I would have liked! Note to brand-new users like myself: you will need to experiment if you're set on a certain color.Bottom range: It is not rocket technology... set-aside plenty of time - specially on your own very first go - and (thinking about the guidance above) follow the guidelines. You will have great results!One more note: Having a front loader we utilized the lower foam Synthaprol to wash. We shudder to consider the total amount of foam i might have had with regular Synthaprol because ended up being still REALLY sudsy with LF!

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I've been using these dyes on silk utilizing the microwave way of 2.5 years today. The dyes on their own are excellent and well worth 5 performers but as an FYI for people considering working together with silk via this technique the swatches are not regularly precise. Once I purchase new ones we test on one for the 11x11 hankies to have a feel when it comes to shade - then I combine my colors to create once I am interested in... with great success I might include - among my most complimented colors is just one we concocted myself :) I also utilized these on silk utilizing the cool group method and found that the colors had been much more dramatically various making use of that technique - therefore I would not recommend that method with silk that dyes... you can easily color paint making use of the microwave technique - you just want to get creative in how you put the scarf when you look at the case

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This is my first-order from Dharma. I won't go any place else!. So pleased i discovered you. The colors! Such a lot better than those you buy within the craft shop or kits. Much better color better quality. I'm putting in another purchase. I need more colors!!

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Love playing with these! I am a newcomer dyer but love experimenting with color and method. Colors can be simply manipulated for the thing I want.i will not be delighted until I have all colors!


Very Brilliant and Does Not bleed!! We compared your grocery store brands to this and Dharma is the greatest! Store brand name bled into white areas while this did not! Buying once more these days for another great wrap dye time!

Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes are easy to make use of and creates fabulous color. I take advantage of all of them for ice dying and reduced immersion dying on cotton fabric. We suggest the product both for novice and practiced dyers.

I bout about 16 things (8 outfits) becoming colored. To my horror the next time-out a few of the dyes simply don't break down (it's the reds and fuchsias) and also the more I fretted the even worse it got. After searching frantically online and finding just that you're designed to paste up and then filter through pantyhose I developed listed here means for making these dyes work the direction they are supposed to without any spots (and I also repeat this with all of those now): 1) Premix the dye the night time before (paste it if you want to I don't bother) include additional liquid (like 8 oz - i take advantage of mason jars) and allow remain starightaway 2) 24 hours later pour everything have through panty hose and include more liquid to what's left to get the reds (at least twice) 3) Proceed aided by the next thing at your personal danger - Heat your sodium liquid in the kitchen stove to nearly boiling and then include your soft drink ash for this water dump your filtered dye liquid in (blend rapidly) and move lickety-split to then dumping your salted dye liquid to the bucket tub that currently features about 2 gallons of coolish water. Stir and dump your wet items to be colored into the dye water. The effect takes place pretty rapidly the reds lag but it's maybe not spotty - they simply take more time. I ranked the dyes a 3 as this is of work to make sure that there are no places to my garments.

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