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Rit powder fabric dye

bluedyepour.jpgI recently tried RIT fabric dye on some durable plastic 3d imprinted ponoko mascots; therefore here's a few photos of this procedure plus the
colorful results. The dyes we utilized had been a powdered 'royal blue' and a liquid 'cherry purple'.

To start things off we took a tiny pot I don't prepare with and heated up some plain tap water from the kitchen stove.
Brought the water to a near boil after that backed it right down to a simmer. Incorporating the dye was a wholly unscientific
procedure for me personally, just handful of the packet ended up being necessary to get a deep blue hue.

Stirring really I made sure the dye granules had dissolved entirely before placing my model in.

bluedyespoon.jpgNo turning back now...

This little guy wished to float; thought just a little macabre as I forced it under and bubbles gurgled out of the

A few shots at 10min, 20 minutes and half an hour. Your outcomes vary according to exactly how much dye
you utilize and just how hot you retain water. If you need a repeatable color just take detail by detail notes from the quantity
of water, liquid temperature therefore the level of dye included as well as soak time.

Across the 30 min level it reached the color I became looking for thus I pulled it out and put it in
cooking area tap to scrub off any staying dye. Initially the model seemed blotchy but since it dried took in a much
much more consistent color.

The liquid RIT dye performed like the powdered variation, although we perfered the fluid when it came to
to be able to review and not getting dye granules in which they shouldn't be.

Based on just how long you leave a model inside you could achieve from a pale red to a deep red.

blueponodip.jpg blueponobubble.jpg blueponoshades.jpg blueponodrying.jpg

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