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Making use of Procion-MX Dyes on cotton Tees

Tie-Dye is a resist technique. Fabric is manipulated in virtually any quantity of other ways being block dye from dealing with certain specific areas. Tying and knotting, folding and pleating, sewing and scrunching are some of the options.
Batik and ikat are related practices. Batik uses melted wax to block dye and ikat is tie-dye of chapters of warp injury for weaving. Shibori could be the Japanese term for tie-dye, though it is made use of much more narrowly.

These directions tend to be for tie-dye by direct application, which can be exactly what it seems like. Once the fabric has-been organized to prevent dye as desired, one or more colors of dye in answer are dribbled onto particular areas. This method enables various colors not to blend.
The dish below is actually for Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dye, on 100percent cotton fiber tees. The top-stitching is normally through with polyester bond, which will perhaps not color. This is certainly usually easy adequate to dismiss.

3 Medium-sized men’s tees (about one pound of textile)
1 tablespoon (3 teaspoons, 9 grams) Dye*
1 cup (1/2 pound) Sal Soda**
1/4 cup Urea***

Tie-Dye is through no means an exact technology. All quantities are approximate, and you can find always alternative methods to complete any step. This can be a starting destination.
You’ll require connections, containers, applicators, the right work surface. This is a good move to make out-of-doors, especially if you will work with young kids.

* make use of more dye for lots more intense colors.
** This more than you’ll need for three t-shirts, but it’s hard to actually saturate even various shirts in under a gallon of water. A cup of soda in a gallon of liquid could be the correct concentration. This amount will immerse 8-12 shirts, a couple of at a time. Left-over are stored to utilize later. Sal soda can be called washing soda or salt carbonate.
*** there could be a bit extra here also.

Step-by step, for 3 medium sized men’s t-shirts
(calculate volumes proportionately for any other units of tops,
about by fat)

Wash the tops in hot soapy water to remove sizing.
Reduce a glass of soft drink in a gallon of liquid. Pre-soak your tops for 15 minutes or so in this solution. If you’re performing more than three, you’ll probably like to immerse them some at a time.
The soda solution is very caustic. It’s better to put on gloves now.
Hang the tops to drip into the soda-soak, and this can be used again till it really is gone. In the event that you get impatient, it's fine to fit the fabric carefully, but wringing may take completely way too much soda. Vinyl above can help all of them to dry even more evenly.

I enjoy tie (or fold, crumple, etc.) the t-shirts while they tend to be wet however soggy. If they’re also dry, the dye answer wont wick up to the fabric well. If they’re also damp, they won’t soak up enough fluid in the form of dye solution. A little wet textile will tend to hold the form it is put in, and can even be possible to address without gloves. In the event that you don’t usage gloves, clean and dry your hands following.
Stitching is a special situation. It is difficult to poke a needle through wet T-shirt product. Do the sewing ahead of the soda soak, but don't tug from the bond to gather the folds up to the clothing is soaked and it is mainly dry.
Some instructions demand tying very first, after that soaking. Some recommend carrying it out whilst the fabric continues to be really damp. Once again, there is no one correct way. Test.

Reduce 1/4 cup urea in a pint of water. Make use of this urea-water to mix the dye option: 1/2 to 2 teaspoons dye per 1/4 cup urea-water. The dye dissolves more easily in hot water, so you may like to place the dye and a little bit of urea in a container, and include hot-water.
As an imprecise principle, each (medium sized men’s T-) top will soak up about 1/2 cup dye solution. It’s difficult to know exactly just how much of each and every color you’ll desire, however, so you could should mix-up much more. Additional dye solution could keep for all times before it begins to loose energy.
For lots more intense colors—try enhancing the urea very first; after that try much more dye.

Apply dye directly onto fabric. Utilize pipets, syringes, brushes, squeeze bottles, spray-bottles, spoons. Wear rubber gloves.

Allow work remain covered, such that it does not dry, for at least six hours. Overnight is much better. The time has come when the dye bonds into the fiber.

Undo connections, wash well, then clean cloth in very hot soapy liquid (boiling is great or steaming or cooking).
Dyed t-shirts could be emerge a microwave oven, in a microwave-safe case. It may need about a moment per ounce of textile, at method power. You can do this before or after getting rid of ties and rinsing. If you rinse initially, you could sign up for some remaining soft drink and dye might have connected itself if it were still here. In the event that you wait till after heat setting, the colors may mix more, and possibly dirty.
My choice will be warm set-in a microwave oven, using clothing covered up in identical arrangement it sat in through the response time. I take advantage of a thrift store one, that is never employed for meals.
After establishing, rinse until water runs clear.

Other materials produced from cellulose materials work similarly. Knit textiles do use up fluids easier than woven ones. Rayon takes up moisture and shade easier than cotton, and dyes to brighter colors.

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