Living room home wall

Dying canvas fabric

58"/60" WIDE
9-10 OZ./ SQ. LAWN
& 50 YD. ROLLS

Suggested Utilizes

The textile with 1000 various utilizes! 9-10 oz. Duck is difficult, heavy and good-looking. Here are some ideas:

  • Apparel- tops, pants, caps, artist overalls
  • Home Décor- furniture covers, pillows, seat pads, futons, deck chairs, outside shading
  • Crafts- stenciling, coated floor cloths, silk-screening & painting on totes, aprons.
  • Utility- wall surface addressing, displays, Tents, professional production programs
  • Kitchen- placemats, potholders, aprons, table addressing

Decide to try one of our fun stitching jobs making use of this textile:

Colors Shown
- top to bottom/left to right

Line 1: Emerald (121751) brand new!

Row 2: Yellow (121703), Snap Pink (121782), Turquoise (121759), Fuchsia (121761), Viking Purple (121796)

Line 3: All-natural (121714), Royal (121713), Orange (121705), Delaware Grass (121795), Red (121718)

Line 4: Pure Cream (121783), Banana Cream (121752) NEW!, Peaches-N-Cream (121745 NEW!, Aqua Sky (121744) NEW!, Sheer Lilac (121754) NEW!

Line 5: Light-blue (121775), Avacado (121776), Gold (121771), Khaki (121738), Gray (121774)

Row 6: Emerald (121751) NEW!, Cherry (121756) NEW!, Caribbean Sea (121755) NEW!, Crazy Aster (121746) NEW!, Olive (121750) brand new!

Row 7: Nutmeg (121749), Burnt Scarlet (121773), Navy (121730), Wine (121734), Hunter (121729)

Row 8: Moss (121729), Denim Blue (121760), Rock (121765), Steel Gray (121739), Potting Soil Brown (121741)

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