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Tips for Tie Dying

What you'll need for a fantastic link dye party:

– Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye celebration Kit (includes project guide, 18 pre-measured dye colors, 90 rubber bands, 6 pairs of plastic gloves and a table cover)

– Folding table(s); you may need enough room for everybody to possess a place to dye

– A tablecloth (we utilized a black one so it wouldn't normally show dye spots)

– 100per cent white cotton t-shirts or tanks (my party had been a BYO-Tee-shirt party!)

– Paper towels

– Zip-lock bags, which means that your celebration goers can simply transport their particular tie-dyed tees house

– Permanent marker

– Buckets full of warm water

– vinyl aprons

– Good meals and beverages for the friends to savor!

Before you begin, fill up all your liquid buckets and dye containers and acquire your link dye place prepared for friends. I loaded the place with every thing my friends required for wrap dye success! I ensured that everybody could access the materials effortlessly and within arms achieve.

At the beginning of my party, I welcomed my friends with a chalkboard high in easy directions on "how to tie-dye", so that they have the principles down and get self-guided!

It is also truly wise to provide plastic aprons for the visitors, if they are worried about inadvertently dyeing their clothing!

In addition posted the Tulip Project Guide including instructions on various tie-dye styles close to the tie-dye section, this way each visitor could decide what types of rubber bands or folds they might should do for his or her t-shirt.

As soon as my visitors selected their particular designs, the fun began - two of my visitors had been having a great deal enjoyable which they requested which will make another t-shirt! I was was more than very happy to allow them to color some additional tops I had on hand with all the fun colors!
We supplied Zip-lock bags and a permanent marker in order for everybody else can potentially bag and tag their particular projects to collect! I told my visitors to double-bag anything that was really saturated in the dye - in case!
Here's the final reveal of two regarding the shirts through the party. One of my most readily useful crafty friends Bev peaced call at the woman creation, while my buddy Aaron rocked in red, white, and blue!

My pal Desi explained that she loved exactly how effortless, mess-free, and fun the kits had been to utilize. She additionally said her colors ended up extremely radiant after she rinsed, washed, and dried the woman clothing! Now she actually is so addicted to dyeing that she plans to host a party too! I'm excited that my love for tie-dyeing rubbed off on her behalf!

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