Piece Dyed fabric

Yarn dyed means that the yarn ended up being colored ahead of the yarn had been always make the textile making the finished item (apparel, sheet, sock, etc.) If you are viewing a blouse with, state, blue and white horizontal stripes, and also the fabric ended up being yarn dyed, this means that the fabric used to make the blouse ended up being knit collectively right from the start using strands of blue yarn when it comes to blue stripes and strands of white yarn when it comes to white stripes.

Piece dyed ensures that the yarn wasn't colored but instead the fabric ended up being colored after the yarns were knit collectively to form the fabric. So this exact same blouse with blue and white horizontal stripes started with a fabric that has been most likely totally white. The blue dye then could be carefully used where in fact the blue stripes must be.

Performs this make sense? Once you connect dye a tee shirt, for example, you might be piece dyeing. In the event that you boil yarn on the kitchen stove with dye before knitting up socks, you will be yarn dyeing.

I prefer yarn-dyed to piece dyed with respect to the item and my expectations. If I'm purchasing a wool throw, i'd expect to check out yarn dyed, which will show high quality if you ask me, and therefore many years of good use. In addition would expect less diminishing and dye (shade) bleeding with this product.

Basically'm purchasing a cute tee-shirt to put on in the summer, piece dyed is okay since I will probably tire associated with the top before the material breaks down. If it's a dark color, i might expect the dye to bleed within the wash and would anticipate some fading.

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