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Rit dye on nylon

3D publishing is a large buzz term when you look at the design, crafts and arts, and technology globes. With the growing awareness and access to 3D printing technology, increasingly more hobbyists, designers, and crafters tend to be creating their projects and products with this particular technology. On the web solutions like Shapeways and Ponoko allow you to 3D printing your project for a marginal price influenced by the amount of your piece and with no startup prices of having your personal printer. The past three . 5 years, I've been making jewellery with 3D publishing, plus in enough time i have learned lots about ways to adjust the material to improve its shade and look.

If you should be making items with 3D publishing and printed your piece in polyamide, you can easily color it in the home to whatever shade you prefer. Polyamide is a porous material that allows color very well. This product is well known by various names at different publishing businesses. Shapeways calls it White Strong and Flexible, Ponoko calls it Durable Plastic, Sculpteo White Plastic, and iMaterialise Polyamide. Some businesses provide dying of your images obtainable, but that adds additional processing time and is just for sale in a small array of colors. If you're fed up with the dull white many 3D prints arrive, this instructable will show you how-to yours shade yours images.

This really is a tutorial for dying plastic (or polyamide) 3d prints with cloth dye. We'll utilize Rit brand name dyes inside our guide since it is easy to find in craft, material, and food markets. You may dye your 3D prints with Jacquard brand acid dyes in the same procedure, but which will require very carefully measuring vinegar to alter the acidity for the solution and constantly warming the answer. This process is quite much like dying material. In this tutorial, i'm going to be showing you the way I dye my bike planters. This process is similar for several images made out of polyamide.

These directions were initially published to my weblog ( These instructions also starred in Make: Magazine's 3D Thursday line ( and on the Adafruit weblog ( if you'd like to purchase your own bike planter to dye, they have been available from Shapeways ( along with other 3D printable things.

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