Wax resist dyeing

Wax Resist dyeing

This project is very nostalgic for me personally because we discovered this technique from my mother in senior school art course (yes, my mom was my art teacher for a-year!). I might or might not be hearing The Cardigans while typing this post... sigh... the 90s.

Have you heard of wax-resist or batik-dyeing? Or even, you're in for a treat! This is my absolute preferred medium during high school. We made some giant butterfly wall tapestries and a wrap dress! It really is super easy and you will find unlimited opportunities to customize the craft. Here you will find the concepts:Youwill need cotton textile, wax resist sticks (or crayons!) and material dye.

First, draw some thing on your material. You can certainly do shade or usage un-colored wax sticks like i did so. We first discovered using colorful crayons. Which was cool because i'd cover almost the complete fabric with styles and dye it one color (usually black colored). For a different sort of impact, melt the tip of crayon with a candle before attracting along with it. If you opt to make use of the candle just be sure to utilize paper using your fabric.I LIKE playing with textile dye! Only stick to the instructions on dye bottle. I like fluid Rit dye, as it's very easy to save yourself the leftovers for future tasks.Whenever you are done, wash the material and hand-wash it with detergent inside sink. Hang it to dried out. After it really is entirely dried out in case the textile seems to have an excess of wax you'll eliminate it by putting the material between two items of paper and ironing it. Doneif you're If you are if you should be interested in learning what scarf it really is some track words from a film that Jeremy and I love, The Diving Bell plus the Butterfly.I'd a lot of enjoyment focusing on this project! I became privately testing the project for a patterned dip-dye curtain idea that i wish to decide to try. Think about you? Are you experiencing ideas with this technique? xo. Elsie (and Emma too!)

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