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Dye migration are a genuine pain in terms of enhancing polyester. Although it can occur on just about any tone, in general, the darker or brighter the hue, the much more likely migration is take place, but you can find easy tricks that will help avoid dye migration once and for all.

Dye migration happens when dyes in certain fabrics tend to be triggered whenever they’re confronted with the warmth. It works such as this: during the heat-printing process, inks can frequently bleed through lettering, and display printed or temperature transported styles. This not only produces an annoying mess, but it also ruins the textile you’re dealing with. No enjoyable!

How to Avoid Dye Migration on Polyester

At BELLA+CANVAS, we simply take essential tips through the dye process to create clothes being less likely to experience dye migration when they are printed. Quality dyes induce much better publishing, so we never cut sides to shave expenses whenever dying our fabric. And picking top-notch clothes when printing, there are lots of tips you need to follow to prevent dye migration.

  • Initially, test that aside. It’s simple to test for dye migration by simply since the apparel with a kraft paper address sheet and using it for 10 seconds with a heat hit. If a dye’s unstable, you’ll immediately see ink residue from the address sheet.
  • After that, range from scene. Look for items that have dye-blocking capabilities. Terms such: large opacity, opaque, blocks dye migration, for darks, low-bleed, bleed-resistant, or dye-inhabiting mean you’re good to go.
  • We additionally recommend requesting an example before buying a particular product for your work. it is best to test one product before purchasing an entire volume which means you don’t end up with a number of things you can’t use. Apply your design on material and let it sit for approximately twenty four hours. If it hasn’t bled through, purchase away – you’re all set!
  • Final but not at all least, perhaps the best dye-blocking materials cannot work on some fabrics. The dye procedure tends to alter influenced by the producers, so make sure you always test your temperature application. It’s simple: a couple of quick mins of testing can save you a lot of money in the end!

Try out our poly-blends and you’ll definitely notice an excellent printing performance with other brands that do maybe not invest in high-quality dyes and textiles. Any extra strategies for dye migration? Keep them in remark section!

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