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How to set dye in fabric?

If you have done applying the dye towards silk yardage or scarf - it isn't permanent until you make a move else. You need to "set" or"'fix" the colour so you can clean or dry-clean the piece without all of the color cleansing away.

The strategy of "setting" or "fixing" the color will depend on the biochemistry for the dye you might be making use of. Before buying any dye you really need to read the guidelines thoroughly to ascertain in the event that needed proceedure fits assembling your shed and situation (time or space readily available, inclinations i.e. life style). Additionally, you will understand how that one dye or paint has to be fixed (ready, made permanent).


  • The flowable shows (Dynaflow, Setasilk) - just ironing.
  • Jacquard Silk and Tinfix Design is set utilizing vapor or a special liquid fixative. Jacquard Silk, and especially Tinfix Design, yield much deeper richer colors when steamed as opposed to becoming fixed using the fluid fixative.
  • Dupont and Vinyl Sulphone dyes need steaming to create colour.

Steam fixation is important going back number of dyes and favored for all other individuals. They must be steamed to attain sufficient shade intensity and washability. The high temperature heat and pressure made by steaming bonds dye and silk molecules together.

Most readily useful answers are achieved using an expert home steamer. Dharma holds two types: the upright electric self-contained steamer in addition to kitchen stove top steamer. Smaller pieces can, however, be steamed successfully in the stove just like one steams veggies, and then we have actually directions to make a steamer out-of a household cooking pot here.


When steaming it is important that the textile does not touch it self at any point. If it will, the dye will move from place to another and cause smearing. Also, liquid through the steaming process can't ever be permitted to come into contact with dyed silk. This may create places and smears and designs you may not desire. To avoid these unwanted side effects the textile needs to be wrapped or rolled in report and protected from it self and condensation from steamer.

Moving the textile for the electric steamer or perhaps the stove top steamer.

The silk must be rolled between sheets of newsprint or similarly absorbent product - the paper or material you utilize must certanly be porous adequate to allow the steam to penetrate. If you utilize newspaper, the ink should be entirely dry, at the very least six weeks old.

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