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Dark Blue fabric dye

By Folina Dubernol -

This works, with ONE caveat: You *absolutely* should do the soda ash soak! Otherwise this can wash right away, making a dusty, grey sad blue behind.

Clean your shirt with NO textile softener. If you dried out it (dyeing is another day?), NO dryer sheet!

Rubber band it you intend to do this.

Mix your soda ash (you purchase that individually) in accordance with pkg directions.

Put-on gloves.

Dunk your shirt to the soft drink ash water, and then make yes it gets all the way soaked.

Press it whenever you can.

Squirt or dunk the top with dye. Enter into the crevices, but try not to make shirt drippy with dye.

Wrap clothing in synthetic wrap. Refrigerate immediately.

Remove wrap. Un-band. RINSE THOROUGHLY in cold water.

Tell you washing machine (no detergent) instantly on cold. Dry as usual.

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By J.A.N. -

Used it to color a set of white fabric slip-ons with happy outcomes. Colour was even and rich though, as with all dyes, darker than expected. My shoes seemed as close to black colored as to blue, which perhaps might have been avoided easily'd wet them for a shorter amount of time. It is usually much better with Rit dyes to begin with not enough (a shorter time inside dye bathtub; more water in combine) and work your path up to the colour you need. It's better yet to experiment on something else very first, but I'd no way to do this.

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