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Dark purple fabric dye

**10/12/12 NOTE – This post is a few years old, but by way of pinterest it earns plenty of visitors. I’ve received opinions and email messages from other people who are making an effort to redye faded jeans. Many folks experienced trouble with pants that turn-out purplish…some experienced better chance with making use of all-black dye (no indigo or navy). We haven’t attempted all black yet. My recommendation is to buy a set of jeans from thrift store being an equivalent color to what you’re planning to color, cut all of them into swatches, and test out various “recipes” if your wanting to dunk your favorites*******

Last week I happened to be whining to my pal about my jeans. The slice is fantastic, they fit perfectly, but they’re alllll faded. My company is quite casual, but however I will not wear faded jeans in a professional environment. And faded jeans don’t look right for putting on a costume, irrespective of the slice. It thought wasteful to have a drawer full of totally wearable but not-dark-enough jeans. In the future, I am able to utilize precautionary measures like washing them inside-out on cold, but simple tips to return the already-faded for their previous fame???

I discovered several tutorials online about DIY jean-dyeing. This 1 (including feedback) had been probably the most useful. But nobody had before and after photos. And that’s the things I was after. So I chose to give it a try, and I also did my better to photograph everything.

Synopsis – Re-dyeing jeans to make them dark once again WORKS, it is just well worth the problem in the event the jeans possess some stretch inside (i.e. not 100percent cotton)

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