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Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dye cerulean blue 070 8 oz.Right now, I’m wanting to color 100per cent cotton fiber jersey to achieve a rich emerald-green. I’m making use of a variety of lemon yellow and turquoise (both pure colours from Dharma Trading). After one round of dyeing, we liked the turquoise-yellow balance, but wanted even more saturation, thus I continued the process. In the second round, using the exact same color proportion, just the yellowish appeared to fix (the wash liquid seemed to include only turquoise), making the overall green much more concentrated but also yellow. Thus I performed a third round, using just pure turquoise, which has only hardly nudged the green back to toward the bluish emerald i'd like, and only hardly managed to make it more concentrated or darker. I nevertheless want to get more turquoise on the website, but decided to look for guidance before wasting much more dye, soda ash and liquid. Features my fabric’s ability to receive turquoise dye achieved a maximum? (Also, i understand turquoise fiber reactive dye is much more finicky than many other colours; would the situation vary for the next pigment?)

Check out additional details: I’m using the direct application method (soda ash soak, then applying concentrated dye, after that permitting sit-in a ziploc for 24hrs, after that washing in heated water). I’m after Dharma’s directions for direct application wrap dye for mixing chemicals and dyes, including urea. I don’t think my issue is a shortage of pigment, since there is some excess color in the wash water. Ambient temperature is about 29C (summer in Montreal without AC). My dyes are about 10 months old. I believe my process is usually ok, considering that the first round of dyeing offered a completely reasonable end up in regards to saturation and turquoise-yellow stability. Truly, I’m nitpicking for a colour that is more special (deep and glowing!) than just what might-be found in commercially colored materials.

Thanks a lot again for several of energy and work! I’d be really appreciative if you’d have time to think about and react to my question.


Hi Momoko,

You can max from dye receptors on an item of fabric, but We don’t think that’s your trouble right here.

It usually occurs that dyers max from dye internet sites whenever using a superb absolute silk, because there aren’t that lots of truth be told there to begin with, as a result of thinness for the material. Perhaps you are capable of getting just several layers of shade on a tremendously thin material. But an ordinary cotton fiber jersey has actually more dye receptors, because of the much better thickness for the fabric. It could seem as though you’ve used up all of the dye receptors, then again the process of cleansing out the excess dye and drying out the textile reveals more dye receptors, just as a result of the actual manipulation associated with cellulose fibers in cotton fiber. Different items of the cellulose materials is subjected to the surface. You should be capable of getting a difference in shade per of six rounds of dyeing, or even more.

The issue available for you, I think, usually turquoise is these types of a pure, clear shade which you cannot get it a great deal darker beyond a specific point. This doesn't mean that all of the dye receptors are utilized up, because in the event that you choose a duller blue for your next round of dyeing, you will notice that it get a hold of much more dye receptor web sites and creates a darker color. It's not since your turquoise is refusing to relationship on fabric–it feels like you are carrying out every little thing in that respect–it could be because of the type associated with the color it self. Equivalent will also apply to additional colors of Procion MX dye, too. As an example, lemon-yellow (Procion Yellow MX-8G or C. I. reactive yellow 86) is not regularly make a dark yellowish color, regardless of how several times you reapply it, and cherry-red (Procion Rubine MX-B or C.I. reactive red 6) will create a clear red, perhaps not a bright purple. These colors have a distinctive increase in their color absorption spectra, taking in only a narrow number of colors within the rainbow, whereas duller colors absorb light over a much larger portion of the rainbow. With one of these dyes, adding a lot more of similar color of dye does very little to intensify its color, after a certain point.

The thing I believe you really need to do after that, to have a deep glowing emerald-green, is quit to add even more turquoise (Procion Turquoise MX-G or C.I. reactive blue 140) and as an alternative make use of cerulean blue (Procion Blue MX-G or C.I. reactive blue 163). That is an attractive pure azure this is certainly toward the turquoise side, however it is less green than the turquoise dye. It is commonly more costly than other Procion MX dyes, but it is such a rewarding color that i believe you need to acquire some. Other blues, such as Procion Blue MX-R (sky blue or fundamental blue) or Procion Blue MX-2G (cobalt blue or blending blue), will make the shade bluer and darker, but, since they will be duller colors in on their own, they'll not create as glowingly brilliant an emerald green.

When you haven’t already, take a look at my web page detailing all the various unmixed single-hue Procion MX dye colors, “Which Procion MX colors are pure, and which mixtures?“. Typically, these are the colors you wish to start thinking about whenever combining a dye colors; you'll want to stay away from pre-mixed dye colors as combining primaries. Not every one of the unmixed dye colors can be found from anybody dye merchant, though many can be found from several stores, sold under various names. The chart lists different brands employed by the most famous dye merchants for the same dyes.

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