Dyeing Process

Rit navy blue dye

Rit navy blue dye

We love Indigo Blue! Are you aware that blue jeans tend to be indigo-blue? Or that Indigo is the oldest dye regularly color fabrics? We’re witnessing this shade every-where at this time in many different habits, like ones when you look at the picture. You can improve your clothes with Indigo in a snap with several bottles of Rit Dye. Listed below are three different custom…

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DYE Microfiber

DYE Microfiber

I am shopping for assistance on finding a dye which will dye a microfiber product Name: Anni Country or region: United States Of America Message: Hey, i am trying to find help on finding a dye that ll dye a microfiber product. We have about four yards of the fabric, and I ve colored regular natural materials before with good results and I m more comfortable with that, but this…

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How to dye a shirt Blue?

How to dye a shirt Blue?

This shot took a very long time to master, but I think in the end it was all worth it. Patience is not one of my virtues, but if you want to get a shot like this you will need it! That is a tie-dye shirt hanging in the background. Personally I love how the shirt in the background in blurry, but very clear though the droplet

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